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New Zealand meets Wettin

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On Thursday, the 11th May, we had a special guest: Shannon from New Zealand.
Our English teacher Mrs. Klausch had met her on a teacher training, and as she had told her something about our school, Shannon was very interested. So Mrs.
Klausch invited her.
On that day we, the students of class 9/6, gave Shannon a little tour around our school. We told her about the history of the castle, gave her general information about our school and showed her the different parts of our castle. We were especially proud of showing her the middle part of the castle which we call "die Kunst" and our boarding house. Of course we were very nervous, but Shannon was very open, friendly and interested.
After that Shannon gave a presentation about her home country New Zealand to the students of the 9th classes of our school. The presentation was very cool. Shannon showed us pictures and videos about New Zealand. She was very engaged and full of passion towards her country. This way we all learned some new interesting facts. We most remember that there are more sheep than people there and that New Zealand doesn't belong to Australia. New Zealand has got a special dance which is called "HAKA". It's a war dance to scare enemies. We also learned that New Zealand is famous for extreme sports like paragliding or bungee jumping.
Thanks to Shannon we could see the other parts of New Zealand which we had never seen before.

Kim Josefine Hartung, class 9/6